Fertilizante organico excelente para agricultura ecologica

Increasingly, ecological fertilizers are being demanded. Not too long ago, organic farming was not profitable for the farmer due to a lower production and logically higher price of the fruits. However, with our EVO products we have managed not only to have a production equal to conventional agriculture, but to increase production in most cases and what is even more important, to increase quality and brix degrees. It is necessary to use products that preserve the quality of the land, the quality of the plant and consequently, the quality of the fruit.

At ORGAFARMING we offer you our EVO products, where only the necessary micronutrients are supplied to the plant exclusively with our fertilizer. Apart from that, if your technician also advises you, you can contribute some other product of our range, such as calcium.

Our motto is:

“Respecting the Land, we respect your health”

Our fertilizers are experiencing a strong international growth because they are innocuous products, based on an organic matter from vegetable origin with necessary micronutrients.

Our goal is to continue providing clean products, which provide profitability to the farmer and excellent quality to the fruits.